1- BeswinVR rifle HTC Vive Gun software download: 

Vive Role Changer for tracker 2.0 2018 Version.rar 

(For blue logo, 2018 version vive tracker, use for BeswinVR NewScar rifle, pistol, AK47, HK416 VR gun)

How to test tracker works as vive controller on BeswinVR rifle

VIVE Tracker Role Changer for tracker 1.0  ( for grey logo, 2017 old version tracker, stop production, seldom in the market)


– Windows regard Tracker role changer as virus, please shut down windows defender before download it.
– Unplug usb of Vive HMD before doing tracker role changer on PC, otherwise HMD will damage, Very important!!!

2- MagP90 Gun Xbox one PS4 firmware download:

V41 P90 Firmware 2018| For PS4 pro dual shock controller+ Hori Pad FPS Plus+ Xbox one S,X+ xbox360+ PS3+ PC win

V39 P90 Firmware 2016| For Xbox One 1st Generation+ Hori Pad FPS(PS4)+ Xbox360+ PS3+ PC win

Tips: PC Windows possible regard P90 Firmware as virus, please shut down windows defender and anti-virus software before download it and updating.

Contact for more support.

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