Vive Tracker 1.0 2017


  • With Vive tracker, play VR games and experiences never possible before.
  • With the compact, highly flexible, Easy to attach Vive tracker you’ll be able to bring physical objects into your virtual world, like a pair of gloves to play musical instruments, or rock climb.
  • Vive Tracker – Go beyond VR controllers
  • Bring real-world objects into your virtual world! Add VIVE Tracker to specially designed accessories to play your favorite supported games.

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Introducing Vive Tracker


Hands-On: HTC Vive Tracker and Deluxe Audio Strap


Hands-on: Noitom Hi5 Vive Tracker Gloves at CES 2017


The Vive tracker creates a wireless and seamless connection between your attached tools and the Vive system. Attach a DSLR camera to the Vive tracker to make Mixed reality videos and expand the fun.

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