Who We Are:
Founded in 2007, BeswinVR workshop based in China, With 3 salesman, 5 R&D engineer, 1 designer, 1 after service. Set up sales agent in HongKong, USA, UK, German, Registered Brand name “MAG P90”, “BeswinVR”. We focus on FPS VR controller R&D and solution service for VR arcade and individual VR gamers. It’s a small team but growing faster.

What We did:
2010  Jan.    Mag I launched.
2012  Mar.   Mag II launched.
2014  May.   Mag P90 invented by Mr. Erik Wong, compatible with all 5 platform, performance was under test.
2015  Jan.    Mag P90 Lauched, compatible with Xbox one, PS4, PC,  gun controller win the market 3000pcs sales per year.
2016  End.    Mag P90 5000pcs sales.
2017   MagP90 plastic holder for vive controller, 5000pcs sales volume per year.
2017  Nov.    Set up company in USA, register brand “MAG P90”, amazon and ebay store open in North America and 5 countries in Europe.
2018  May.    R&D dept. engaged in VR field, develop VR rifle to support Vive pro 2.0.
2018. Jun.     Successfully made VR rifle from air soft gun with model named Scar, AK47, HK416, vector, dust eagle etc, supplying 30 vr arcades about 200pcs VR rifle.
2018  Jul.    “BeswinVR” Registered brand in USA, UK, China.

2018  Nov.   Mac11VR, a design idea from Mac10 and Mac11, magnetic VR rifle stock for 2 vive controller is finished, develop for Pavlov VR, Onward, War Dust, Stand out, Zero Caliber VR etc FPS VR gameplay.

2019 Jan.     BeswinVR set up new warehouse in USA, Canada, UK, German.

What We Will Do:

New project VR rifle compatible with Vive Cosmos, Oculus queen, Oculus rift is in developing and coming soon.

Question from VR FPS Gamers:
We are VR arcade and VR project developer, what suggest to buy?

– 2019 NewScarVR is made of TV gun, with recoil feedback, 6000mAH battery, vive 1.0 and pro 2.0 ready. Highly recommended.

– Desert Eagle PistolVR, left hand or right hand gamer could control all buttons with one hand only, twin gun vr game supported, highly recommended.

– AK47, HK416, Pistol(desert Eagle), vector are made of air soft gun, mounting with tracker 2.0 to support vive 1.0 and vive pro 2.0 tracking system.

– MagP90 plastic holder for vive controller.
Above rifle is mostly for one vive controller used in vr game.

Which vr rifle suggest to buy? I’m a home individual gamer using 2x vive controller to play FPS vr game match, 

– Mac11VR magnetic rifle stock is specially developed for Pavlov VR, Onward, Overkill, Battle for the last chicken, Zomday, Arizona Sunshine, Playerunknown’s battlegrounds, Raw Data, 2017 VR, WAR DUST, STAND OUT : VR Battle Royale, Zero Caliber VR etc. Highly recommended.

Why your price is expensive?
– Small VR market, small production, high production cost.
– AK47, HK416, Pistol, NewScarVR is customized for VR arcade, our technician modify gun by hand one by one, not from production line. Cost a lot on time and effort.
– All gun shaped model is difficult to ship from China because of Chinese rule, we pay expensive cost for special shipping agent.

How to be your distributor/ reseller in my country?

Welcomed, please send us your company profile to sales@magp90.com, thanks.

BeswinVR.com| MagP90.com Sales Team

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