Best VR Gun Controller

Step up your VR game with the BestwinVR M4 Assault Rifle for the HTC Vive. Beswin has worked hard to create a realistic and lifelike gun weapon for virtual reality gamers. You can also buy hardcore field accessories like the sniper’s bi-pod attachment for this gun. It delivers a seamless VR experience for serious first-person shooter players. Aiming with this gun is very accurate and lifelike.

The BeswinVR is like holding a real weapon in your hands. Buy this virtual reality gun and play games like Arizona Sunshine, Hover Junkers, and Space Pirate Trainer the way they’re meant to be played.

BeswinVR also makes this rifle with some different trim options. They have a VR pistol gun to order as well, for those who want something a little smaller. In the future, they plan releasing a rifle that is compatible with the Oculus Quest and Rift S.

The only thing missing on this M4 gun is a high powered actuator for realistic recoil. However, the NewScar VR Rifle does have this feature.


  • Performs like real gun for ultimate virtual reality gaming
  • It comes with high-powered actuator that delivers real life recoil with every shot
  • Auto-zoom aiming for long-range sniper shots


  • Battery life reportedly degrades over time

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